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Recuperación de gas de antorcha
Una solución sustentable

Birwelco has a longstanding history of specialised expertise in wastewater treatment plant design, with a dedicated division dedicated to this field. Our current team at Birwelco not only benefits from the legacy of past Birwelco contracts but also brings a wealth of experience gained through their collaborations with other prominent employers within the wastewater treatment sector.

Nuestra experiencia de 40 años como proveedor líder mundial de sistemas de antorcha garantiza que nuestros sistemas de recuperación de gas de antorcha cumplen los requisitos de nuestros clientes y satisfacen la industria más exigente y los estándares reconocidos internacionalmente.

Nuestra capacidad y experiencia nos permite proporcionar unidades de recuperación de gas de antorcha como parte de un nuevo sistema de antorcha o como una instalación adicional dentro de un sistema de antorcha existente, todo para satisfacer los requisitos específicos del cliente. Estos sistemas no solo agregan valor monetario, sino también mediante mejoras ambientales a través de la reducción activa de la emisión de gases residuales.

A water tank

Servicios ofrecidos

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  • —Uses hydrodynamic cyclonic effect to generate high g-forces to separate phases efficiently in a very short residence time.

  • —High oil removal efficiency, compact equipment, in-sensitive to external motion

  • —Requires high pressure drop for efficient operation, requires steady inlet flow/conditions

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Gas Floatation methods

  • Various technologies available to impart fine gas bubbles into water to lift out oil/solid particles

  • —High  oil removal efficiency, can handle wide range/ fluctuating inlet conc’s

  • —Generally requires gas supply, required chemicals for enhanced performance

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Filtration methods

  • —Various filtration technologies available from simple cartridge type, activated carbon, media bed (anthracite etc.) and Walnut Shell
  • —Very high oil removal efficiency, can handle wide range/ fluctuating inlet concentrations

  • —Problem with media disposal or regeneration, large complex systems for large flow rates

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Gravity / API Separators

  • —Original treatment method

  • —Large tank with high res. Time

  • —Simple design, no moving parts, relatively cheap.

  • —Large vessels, ineffective with small oil droplets, requires long res. Time to get efficient separation​​

Typical Equipment Packages


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